Idle rollers

The great advantage of this type of roller is that it allows us to provide you with a product which is high quality and precise, which can reach high rotation speeds with low inertia and above all at a low cost.

We produce rollers with diameters from 20 to 350 mm and lengths from 50 to 4000 mm.

Cooled rollers – Calander

We produce a range of aluminium rollers, which include:

Hard, natural, black anodised
Rubber coating
Ceramic coatings
Chrome plating
Teflon coating

We are also specialised in the construction of cooled rollers, with and without internal liner.

Special rollers

In addition to the traditional aluminium rollers, we have a wide range of semi-finished rollers, ready to obtain your bearing housing, with lengths ranging from 1100 mm to 1600 mm and diameters from 100 mm and 120 mm.

This diversification allows us to optimise price and delivery times, while maintaining the high quality of the product.

We produce all types of surface finishes: smooth, striped, spiralled, knurled… and much more, with fast delivery times and competitive prices.
We have a warehouse of raw materials, fully stocked.

Why should you stock when we can do it for you?

After-sales guarantee

Did you drop your roller during assembly?
Does the supply not meet your expectations?
We are committed to solving any after-sales problem in a very short time.