Count on us


Our past tells us
who we are

We were born in the early 90s of the last century and we boast thirty years of experience in the field of precision mechanical machining, mainly in aluminium rollers.

Over the years we have specialised in the production and supply of aluminium rolls for printing, laminating and rotogravure machines in the food, pharmaceutical, textile, paper and cardboard, and plastic films sectors.







Our mission tells us
what we believe in

There are 2 main questions we always want to answer:

_ How to help you improve your product?
We know it deserves the highest quality components.

_ How to help you improve your productivity?
Because we know how precious your time is.

Our mission was born from the answers to these questions:
We want to guarantee the high quality of our aluminium rollers, minimizing the time from receipt to delivery of the order.

This is the challenge we are committed to daily

Because your work is important to us

Idle rollers

Cooled rollers – Calender

Special rollers